Rod, it's been rare that I've ever seen the level of unsolicited highly positive feedback from workshop/seminar presentations as I have for you.
Insights to Great Messaging Course Graduate

The number of high-praise emails and personal comments offered to me is amazing and speaks very highly of your educator abilities and your engaging style, as well as great case examples that resonated with our marketing audience. There is regret from those who missed your presentation. We're really pleased you were available to deliver a great seminar.
Insights to Great Messaging Course Graduate

Many thanks for your on-target, well given workshop, Rod.
Integrated Marketing Communications Course Graduate

Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining training event yesterday. I have received great feedback from team members. Some feedback included putting your recommendations for dealing with agencies to work in meetings immediately following the training.
Thanks again for a very entertaining and educational presentation. We have had extremely positive response from attendees of the workshop.
Optimizing Agency Relations Course Graduate

I just wanted to thank you for coming back to Princeton to teach the workshop "Intro to Marketing" today. I initially had some reservations about spending all day (especially on a Saturday, especially so early on a Saturday!), but I can say honestly that it was one of the most interesting, fun and educational days I've had during my three years at Princeton. Not only did I learn about the advertising industry, but your course made potential interviews and the application process seem much less daunting, and I am actually now looking forward to reading and analyzing similar case studies.
Princeton University Introduction to Marketing Graduate

First of all, I want to thank you for hosting the marketing workshop at Princeton yesterday. I've always had an interest in the concept of marketing, but never had a real understanding of the profession. I found your presentation yesterday to be incredibly informative, helpful, and entertaining.
Princeton University Introduction to Marketing Graduate

Thank you, Sir!
Your many year experience here makes this part of our Mount Holyoke College Intersession program a breeze to produce, as well as being a core quality offering to our students. I'm ever grateful.
Mount Holyoke College Introduction to Marketing Course Sponsor

I wanted to THANK YOU from all my heart, for everything you have done for me! Thanks to you I am doing a job that I still enjoy every day, even after 4 years of being here. The future is exciting and challenging, and I am really looking forward to new projects, teams, products—everything. I am so grateful that I took that course in MHC, and got to meet you, and ended up here.
Mount Holyoke Introduction to Marketing Graduate

I just wanted to let you know that you have made a real difference in my life, and I am very, very grateful for that. I am sure that during your wonderful career you have brought such a difference to many people!
Mount Holyoke Introduction to Marketing Graduate

My personal best to you as you head into your new career. You leave a wonderful legacy with so many lives touched and lessons learned.
President, Johnson & Johnson Operating Company

Professor McNealy is highly engaging – he real life experience and stories are valuable to my learning. The concept of the Benefit Ladder is critical to my future career.
Professor McNealy is by far my favorite professor at Wharton. He keeps the class interesting and the students engaged. His candor is greatly appreciated and he is constantly linking course material to real world applications. This is my second class with Professor McNealy and I have enjoyed the second as much as the first, if not more. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful professor.
Marketing 755 Advertising Management, The Wharton School, 2008

Professor McNealy rocks. He is the only professor I’ve had in three semesters at Wharton who has actually said, “if you want to talk about non-class stuff, please come by.” I told him I was stress about recruiting. Maybe this is because he is an HBS graduate.
MBA Student, Marketing 753 New Product Management, The Wharton School, 2009

Professor McNealy is fantastic. He tells great stories from a long career in marketing, while focusing on easy-to-apply frameworks and concepts. Thank you for an entertaining and insightful course. Definitely one of the most enjoyable at Wharton.
MBA Student, Marketing 753 New Product Management, The Wharton School, 2009

Professor McNealy is the most entertaining professor at Wharton. His classes are very entertaining and his concepts covered are very relevant.
MBA Student, Marketing 782 International Marketing Management, The Wharton School, 2009

Best Wharton professor I’ve had so far! Engaged students in discussion and provided them with very useful Marketing “tools”.
MBA Student, Marketing 782 International Marketing Management, The Wharton School, 2009

If your firm hasn’t achieved breakthrough improvements in Quality and Customer Satisfaction, then you need to read Rod’s book, Making Quality Happen. It is the best ‘let your customer teach you and keep it simple’ solution I have seen. It’s an enjoyable read!
D. Bruce Merrifield, President, Merrifield Consulting Group, Inc.

Rod McNealy provided my staff and many of the Atlantic Fleet Naval Stations with the critical, first exposure to the Quality Improvement Process. His methods and techniques proved extremely valuable in helping us along the evolutionary and revolutionary journey of seeking continuous Quality Improvement.
Admiral Anthony A. Less (retired), Vice Admiral, United States Navy

In today’s rapidly changing world financial marketplace, no organization can afford to take its customers or clients for granted. To remain competitive in the securities industry which is characterized by consolidation and globalization, it is imperative to establish customer relationships that continually reflect ever-changing customer needs and expectations. Rod McNealy presents a clear, concise, and easily understood strategic approach to Making Customer Satisfaction Happen and any organization can benefit from this customer-focused insight. It has been very helpful to me.
Robert S. Murley, Vice Chairman, Credit Suisse First Boston

Rod writes just as he speaks, in a plain, no-nonsense manner. Making Customer Satisfaction Happen outlines the necessary components to building a customer oriented organization. The basic steps to making customer happy are addressed and Mr. McNealy tackles the more difficult issues of organization culture, re-engineering, and the role of upper management. He uses examples from many different industries, including healthcare, to illuminate the important points in transforming a company into a customer focused organization. This book serves as a valuable resource for managers who are serious about turning their organization upside down.
Ben Latimer, President, The SunHealth Alliance, later Vice Chairman, Premier Inc.

Rod McNealy with Oliver North


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