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Launching a new product or service? Unsure how competitors will react?
MAC Attack to the rescue! MAC Attack is a competitive role-play exercise that addresses strategic and tactical issues in New Product launches. Whether you are launching the new product, or you are anticipating a market move by your competitors, MAC Attack rides to your rescue.

MAC Attack has your team role-play competitors in a realistic, structured approach addressing the entire Marketing Mix. Marketing Strategies, Tactics, and the financial implications of each move are analyzed. MAC participants guarantee that strategies and tactics are practical, realistic, financially feasible. Plus, we add the all-important "devil's advocate" role to preclude "group think".

Now, the only one who will be surprised is your competitor. They will be dumbfounded at your responses because you have anticipated their every move, thanks to MAC Attack. For more information and written proposal, email Rod McNealy at rod@rodmcnealy.com



Looking for New Product-Service Ideas? Current Approaches Not Working?
Innovation Express to your destination! A proven and successful approach for generating new product/service ideas ready for concept testing. Plus, these ideas are gleaned from your own organization – the people most familiar with your business and most invested in its success.

New products and services are an organization's "life-blood". If a shark remains motionless, it drowns. If organizations do not evolve, they founder. Yet most organizations, even those with "new product" departments, are often unsuccessful at internally generating new product ideas. Frequently, they choose the expensive and risky approach of "acquiring" products, or worse, paying high-priced consultants to generate ideas.

Innovation Express utilizes the strategy-focused MAC team to stimulate your employees to create innovative ideas – more ideas than they ever thought possible. In many cases, MAC enlists your customers and even local college students to provide an unbiased and new perspective to your category. If you are looking for some fresh thinking for your category and more new ideas than you ever imagined, email Rod McNealy at Rod@RodMcNealy.com for more information and a written proposal.


Ever ask your team for "out of the box" ideas, yet get the same old stuff?
Innovation Bowl is the answer! Innovation Bowl teams high-performing Princeton University students with MAC strategists in a "new idea" competition for your organization. Your team benefits from access to some of the brightest minds on the planet. They bring tremendous intellect and an un-fettered imagination to your business challenges.

Innovation Bowl focuses those intellectual energies and creative instincts on your challenges, whether they are new products, services, or entirely new business category possibilities. MAC has already utilized this unique approach successfully and generated prize-winning ideas for our clients. Importantly, your team sets the focus, your team sets the criteria, then stand-back and expect some super creative results.

If your organization really wants some "out of the box" ideas, wants to partner with some of the brightest minds available, and wants to do this without the "big ticket" of high-priced consulting firms, then email Rod McNealy at Rod@RodMcNealy.com for more information and a written proposal to kick-off an Innovation Bowl for your organization..

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